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Getting Started

When you first access the "Create and Edit Emblem" menu (provided you have at least one emblem slot) you will be greeted with this view:

Bare Emblem Creator

This is the Emblem Creator workspace. This guide aims to teach you all the ins and outs of using the wiltOS Technologies Emblem Creator, as well as providing some useful tips and tricks to get the most out of its use.

Emblem Creator Core Components

The Emblem Creator can be roughly broken down into 6 major components:

Emblem Creator Blocks

1) The Canvas This is where you will do the bulk of your work.

2) The Palette This is where you select the color and angle of your stamps.

3) Stamp Box This is where you select stamps to be used on your emblem.

4) Layer Stack This is where you can see a list of stamps in your emblem and control their position.

5) Edit Existing Emblem Allows you to load an existing emblem to be edited.

6) Save Current Emblem Allows you to name and save your emblem.

1. The Canvas

The canvas represents your main workspace. Stamps loaded from the (3)Stamp Box will show up here. Here you can manipulate the stamps and arrange them as you see fit. The grid background is not a part of your emblem and instead serves as a useful guide for scaling and positioning stamps.

A) Active Stamp

i) Clicking anywhere in its area will allow you to move it around the canvas.

ii) Clicking one of the handles around the perimeter will allow you to scale the stamp.

iii) You can right click on the active stamp to bring up a submenu. From this submenu you can change the position of the stamp in the (4)Layer Stack or apply the active color in the (2)Palette.

2. The Palette

The palette allows you to change the color and angle of incoming stamps from the (3)Stamp Box. Whatever color and angle you set here will be what the next stamp will inherit. In order to change the color or angle of existing stamp you must first select it in (1)The Canvas. Now you can use the angle slider to change its angle or right click on the stamp to apply the color.

A) Color Mode

This allows you to switch between a gradient based or swatch based color selector.

i) The gradient allows for a greater range of colors but makes it difficult to find the same color a second time.

ii) The swatch opinion has a more restricted color selection but makes it easy to find a color you have previously used.

B) Angle Slider

The angle slider allows you to select the degree of rotation that will be applied to your next stamp or to rotate the active stamp. A stamp with angle 0 will spawn in the orientation of the original image file.

Rotation is based on 0 to 360 scale and stamps cannot be rotated counter clockwise. If you want to rotate your stamp counter clockwise you must subtract your desired angle of rotation from 360. For example, if I want to rotate my stamp 45 degrees counterclockwise I would set my rotation value 315.

Double clicking on the number will allow you to manually type in your desired angle.

3. Stamp Box

For more information about stamps themselves, the individual images that make up an emblem, check here.

The stamp box is where you pick what stamps will go into your emblem. The stamps that appear can be configured in wos\prs\config\emblem\cl_config.lua

Clicking on a stamp in the stamp box will spawn it on (1)The Canvas with the color and rotation curreantly set in (2)The Palette.

Non-square stamps will be made square and stetched to fit the canvas.

The stamp box is where you pick what stamps will go into your emblem. The stamps that appear can be configured in wos\prs\config\emblem\cl_config.lua

A) Search box.

The search box allows you to type in a phrase and it will bring up all stamps that have the phrase in their name. It does NOT search based on the file name.

4. Layer Stack

The layer stack is where you control the order of your stamps as they appear on (1)The Canvas. The layer stack works in reverse order, meaning layers on top are towards the background and layers on the bottom are towards the foreground. Each stamp on (1)The Canvas has its own layer and set of layer controls (A-E). Layers are named whatever the stamp's name is in the config file and have a small thumbnail of the stamp next to the name.

A). Layer Lock

The Layer lock is a toggle based button that switches between a OPEN (see below; left) and CLOSED (see below; right) position.

Lock Open Lock Closed

In the OPEN position the stamp can be freely selected manipulated on (1)The Canvas.

In the CLOSED position the stamp can no longer be manipulated or selected on (1)The Canvas. A closed layer can still however be manipulated using the other layer stack control buttons.

5. Edit Existing Emblem

This button will allow you to load an existing emblem to edit. Clicking on it will bring up the following menu, populated with all of your squad's current emblems:

Edit Emblem Menu

Selecting one of the emblems will bring up an option to edit or delete it. If you select EDIT The emblem will be brought into the work space and you can work on it as you normally would. Selecting DELETE will delete the emblem.

You do NOT get a prompt to confirm this decision! Your emblem will be instantly deleted
If you have an emblem in the editor you will receive a warning prompt saying that your work will be deleted if you continue. Make sure to save all work you don't want to lose, you can always edit your emblem later.

6. Save Current Emblem

The save current emblem button is how you save your emblems. Clicking on it will bring up a window where you can set a name for your emblem and then save it. If you are editing an existing emblem this field will be populated with the emblem's name. You are free to change the name and doing so will save your work as a separate emblem but will also take up another one of your emblem slots. Learn more about emblem slots here.

You can use this to make small variations of your emblem without having to make it from scratch all over again. Meese


You should now have all the knowledge you need to make emblems and get the most out of the wiltOS Technologies Emblem Creator.

Emblems you make are exported as actual .png images! By default they are saved in the data/wos/rss folder.
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