Creating an Allegiance

How to make your own allegiance.

  1. Navigate to the following directory: lua/wos/prs/squad/allegiances/
  2. Use the existing file, or create your own .lua file in that folder.
  3. Allegiances can be created using the provided format. You can insert as many as you want in one file, or create multiple files for organization.
    Name = "Clone Trooper", -- The name of your allegiance.
    Description = "For the chancellor", -- This will be the description that is displayed in the View Allegiances section of the Squad Menu.
    UserGroups = false, -- Specify which usergroups are allowed to pledge their allegiance to this allegiance.
    AdminGroups = { "superadmin", "founder" }, -- Specify which usergroups can manage members in squads that are pledged to this allegiance.
    TeamColor = Color( 133, 133, 133 ), -- Set a color for the allegiance.
    Logo = "wos/prs/renicon.png", -- The logo that will be displayed across the squad menu and in the View Allegiances section.
    RequiredCertif = { -- [Optional] Specify which certifications are required to pledge allegiance.
        [ "-Trained" ] = true,
    DefaultRole = "Clone Trooper", -- The default role members will be switched to when joining a squad pledged to this allegiance. (This role must be a valid role)
    OnSpawn = function( ply )

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