Creating a Page

Before you make a page, it is recommended you make a category for organization. You can read about that in the Create a Category article.


Pages are the main source of information used for this Wiki. A page can be isolated on it's own, nested within another page, or within an unvisitable section (like ths one!).

The process for making a page is exactly the same as making an unvisitiable section, minus the editing process.

Pages and Sections Example

Accessing the Admin Menu

To create a page you need to first go into the Admin Menu. You can do that by going to the top right of any page where your name is, and then selecting the admin button.

Admin Menu

Access Page / Section Creation Menus

Once you're in the admin menu, you'll have some options at the top of the dashboard. Go to the PAGES section, then ADD PAGES subsection

Add Page

Both the section creation and page creation are in this menu, so don't worry about the label.

Adding Your Page / Section

There's a few fill-ins and dropdowns here, so let's go through it step by step:

Create Page Menu

1) Title: The name of the page / section as it will appear in the sidebar and at the top of the article if a page.

2) Page Accessor: This is the URL that will be used for the page. Does nothing if it is an unvisitable section. Can be basically anything (IE: WIKI:HOWTO ), just no spaces allowed. Try to keep this similar to the title for ease.

Page Accessor Example

3) Display Icon: The icon that will appear next to section or page in the side bar. Must be the exact name as it appears in the FONT URL.

Display Icon Example

4) Visitable?: Should you be able to visit this as a URL? This is basically for things that you have no intention on having any information. The Quick Start section of this section is an example of that, but you do not need to use this if you want to nest pages within pages.

5) Realm: What type of function/meta object is this? This is similar to the Garry's Mod Wiki's BLUE/ORANGE indicators. If you're not working on a function or meta object, just set this to NONE.

Realm Example

6) Parent: What should this page be nested under if anything at all? Can be ANYTHING from pages to sections! This page for example is nested under the QUICK START section

Parent Example

7) Save: When you're all done, just click save and it'll auto add it to the main page! You'll see a confirmation at the top of the screen. If you need to edit anything, you can do it from the Manage Page menu.

Saved Example

Populating Your Article

If you've opted in on creating an article, visit that article and just go to the edit button by clicking your name on the top right much like you did with the admin menu.

Edit Button

The Wiki uses some basic and added markdown syntax so please visit the Markdown Page to see some of the examples.

Closing Remarks

Information on this page may change as we upgrade the UI or streamline some of the processes, but this should be enough to get you grinding away at whatever aricle you want to get going!

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