Handle AddSpriteHandle( string Texture , float XPos , float YPos , float Alpha , float XScale , float YScale , float Rotation , bool bShowAlways , float UVScaleX , float UVScaleY , float r , float g , float b )


Adds a sprite to the screen and returns a handle to it


1 string Texture
Specifies the texture to use for the sprite
2 float XPos
Specifies the X position for the sprite
3 float YPos
Specifies the Y position for the sprite
4 float Alpha
Specifies the alpha for the sprite
5 float XScale
Specifies scaling for the sprite on the X axis
6 float YScale
Specifies scaling for the sprite on the Y axis
7 float Rotation
Specifies rotation for the sprite
8 bool bShowAlways
Sets whether the sprite should always be shown
9 float UVScaleX
Specifies X UV scale for the sprite
10 float UVScaleY
Specifies Y UV scale for the sprite
11 float r
Specifies R colour tint
12 float g
Specifies G colour tint
13 float b
Specifies B colour tint


1 Handle
Returns a handle to reference the added sprite
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