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This is a simple help wiki for the recently released Dark Messiah RTX Compatability Kit

The intent of this wiki is to help players and developers alike learn how to install the compatability kit and harness the power of RTX to make their own remaster of Dark Messiah. The original purpose of this kit was to be a complete solution to RTX usage within Dark Messiah, but the further we got into it we realized we would rather use our expertise in the game's code to provide a way for people who are much more knowledgeable with this technology to make their own mods. While we shift focus on the dedicated SDK and Co-op mods, we will be able to provide compatability support and really work as a community together!

Quick Start

Are you ready to play with it? Jump over to our installation guide!

Additional Support

If you need help navigating the wiki, think it's missing any information, or just want to talk about a problem you have, don't hestitate to contact us! Feel free to visit any of the following places:

There are plenty of places to come and talk about this and all our other Dark Messiah development.

Knockout Thread:

ModDB Page:



For RTX Remix specific discussion, you should defnitely join the official RTX modding discord for help setting up different RTX parameters with the toolkit:

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