Required Launch Parameters

Launch Parameters

In order to make sure that the RTX Remix application does not crash, and that the appropriate patches are installed to Dark Messiah on launch, we need to make sure we have launch parameters set up on the game to our specifications.

Steam Game Properties

To get to the launch paramters, open your steam client and head to the library. Right click on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player and click on Properties


A window should open up and you should now see the launch parameters!



Paste in the following. Some commands have been included for safety. See the following section for more information on each.

-tempcontent -novid -dev -windowed -w YOUR_WIDTH -h YOUR_HEIGHT -dxlevel 70 +mat_dxlevel 70 +mat_softwarelighting 0 +sv_cheats 1 +r_frustumcullworld 0 +r_3dsky 0 +mat_drawwater 0 +map_background none +r_portalsopenall 1 +mat_very_high_texture 1 +mat_picmip 0 
Make sure to your resolution on the -w and -h parameters, or the game will launch at the smallest and default resolution

Required Explanation

-novid will disable the intro splash screen, required for the game not the crash on launch

-dev enables development treatment of the instance and basically allows you to use the -windowed parameters

-windowed will launch the game in windowed mode, preventing the game from crashing

-w YOUR_WIDTH sets the desired width of the window to YOUR_WIDTH. Replace the YOUR_WIDTH with your actual screen width

-h YOUR_HEIGHT sets the desired height of the window to YOUR_HEIGHT. Replace the YOUR_HEIGHTwith your actual screen height

-dxlevel 70 will launch the game in DirectX 7.0, which is required for shaders to be optional. RTX Remix does not work well with modern shader pipelines so it is best to try and disable it.

+mat_dxlevel 70 will further enforce DirectX 7.0 usage on the graphical level

+mat_softwarelighting 0 disables lighting from the game so RTX can handle it

+sv_cheats 1 will turn cheats on so additional function commands can be used

+r_frustumcullworld 0 will disable culling of world, basically allowing RTX Remix to properly light things even when not visible

+r_3dsky 0 will disable the 3D Skybox, required for RTX Remix to correctly attribute map lighting

+mat_drawwater 0 disables water sources from drawing. Unfortunately until Dark Messiah textures are replaced by a developer, it is best to keep this off or RTX Remix will incorrectly light certain things.

+map_background none prevents the intro map from loading. Required to allow our compatability patch to load propertly.

Safety and Optional Explanation

+r_portalsopenall 1 opens all area portal of the map. This prevents the map from clipping itself, which costs some performance, but allows RTX Remix to have more accurate lighting

+mat_very_high_texture 1 sets the detail of the textures to very high without enabling shaders. If you set this manually in options, you may have issues with shaders.

+mat_picmip 0 sets graphical fidelity to known value for consistency in hashes

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