Installing the Compatibility Toolkit

Extracting the Compatability Kit

If you want to install each component piece by piece, so you can mess around with the different NVIDIA Bridge and DXVK builds, this is the path for you. The compatiblity kit is the first thing you'll need to get set up. This is located on our CDN:

Last Updated: 08/24/2023

Finding your Dark Messiah Directory

As this patch is only currently working on the Steam version of Dark Messiah, you will want to navigate to that installation of the game. The directory will be something like Steam/common/Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player

As an example, my copy is located in E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Messiah Might and Magic Single Player

Backing Up the EXE

Sometimes you may not want to use the compatability patch, and if that's the case you'll probably want to prevent it from loading. It is recommended to make a copy of the mm.exe file and renaming it to something like mm_orig.exe

You can also delete your mm.exe file and simply verify your local game files through Steam to redownload the original

Extracting the Contents

Once you're in the right place and backed up your executable, you can now just take the contents of the zip and extract it directly to your Dark Messiah folder. If done correctly, it will overwrite your mm.exe file with our patched one, and you would now have a dmmm_rtx.dll file inside of your Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player/bin/ folder.

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