RTX Bridge and DXVK

RTX Remix Installation

To keep it simple, RTX Remix is comprised of two main components. The first is the DXVK REMIX which acts as the main driver to enabling raytracing in Dark Messiah. The second is the NVIDIA BRIDGE which allows the game to have parallel processing on graphics and hotload the new related DXVK files

Finding your Dark Messiah Directory

Much like the Compatability Kit, this is only currently working on the Steam version of Dark Messiah, so you will want to navigate to that installation of the game. The directory will be something like Steam/common/Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player

As an example, my copy is located in E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Messiah Might and Magic Single Player

Installing RTX Remix

To install the latest stable version of RTX Remix, you just need to head over to the release section of the RTX Remix repository and download the zip there.

RTX Remix Releases: https://github.com/NVIDIAGameWorks/rtx-remix/releases

Once there, you will want to download the latest .zip only version of the project.


Open the folder until you have a collection of files looking something like below. Note that it may change across releases.


Finally, extract all these files and folders to your Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player folder. If done correctly, you should have a d3d9.dll file in the same place as the mm.exe along with all the other things you extracted of course.


Not Done Yet

Installing RTX Remix is half the battle. Due to issues with the bridge client, we need to take the files from the Portal RTX release of the game. You should head to that section afterwards.

Updating DXVK

If you intend on only using Stable Releases, skip this step completely

The DXVK rendering is constantly being updated to improve the raytracing experience and fix bugs reported by users. The dedicated repository for DXVK is located here: https://github.com/NVIDIAGameWorks/dxvk-remix

Github Account

You will not be able to access the pipeline downloads section of the DXVK Repository without a valid github account. Make sure you have one!

Getting Latest Actions

Once on the repository, and logged into your Github account, go to the Actions tab on the top of the repository information, followed by the Builds subsection on the side of the new window.


The builds is easily found on the left


From here you can select whatever build you want. The latest will always be at the top of the list.

Downloading the Files

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see two tabs indicating the build artifacts. These are the binary files you will be installing to update DXVK. You'll want to get the RELEASE version to save yourself some time, unless you want to debug any crashes.


Installing the New Files

Navigate to the .trex folder within your Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player folder, and simply install all the files within that .zip into there. Overwriting any duplicates. You're all set!

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