RTX Configuration

RTX Remix Configuration

While you would hope that the RTX Remix would simply work out of the box for gameplay, it is a developer tool first and foremost, so some additional configuration is needed once in-game.

This page assumes you understand the exact usage of the RTX developer tools. If you do not, please download our All-in-one package in the Installation section.

Preconfigured Package

For ease of usage, we have included a pre-configured rtx.confg and dxvk.conf file with some materials and settings already included. If you want to see a quick sample of how it can work, you can download it install directly into your Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Single Player folder.


Last Updated: 08/24/2023

Some textures may still need marking through the RTX Remix editor as this only includes the first few levels as a sample.

Marking Light Entities

Our patch of Dark Messiah allows us to maintain illumination throughout the maps, even out of visibility, thanks to our dummy-placed light entities. The problem is that, unless these entities are marked, you will still see them in the game! To fix that, go into the RTX Developer Menu by pressing ALT + X and make sure you tag a texture that looks like this as an Ignored Texture


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