Conflicting Addons

Automatic Fixing

Thanks to the nature of the DynaBase, any conflicting bases will run secondary so there's no conflicts, without changing your workshop subscriptions or presets. You can also force this by using the console command wos_dynabase_fixconflicts followed by wos_dynabase_reloadmodels

Still Having Issues?

Conflicting animation bases will be any animation base that replaces the base m_anm.mdl, f_anm.mdl, or z_anm.mdl files. We use these files to dynamically mount any animations at any time. It is recommended you troubleshoot by clicking Start New Game to ensure you are only handling your own addons, but this can also be done on servers with the addon enabled.

Built In Helper

Simply go into your console and type in wos_dynabase_help to see a block of text that explains each step of troubleshooting conflicting addons, or why animations might not be working.


The above image shows a CONFLICTING ANIMATION base. It should be disabled and then you should restart your game

You will see a lot of information here. The text in pink will show you where your base files are. If they aren't in the Dynamic Animation Manager, it means another animation base is mounted. It will even tell you which one.

If you are in your own game using Start New Game and it says no animation base is found, but you still have access to the console command, it means an addon has installed itself locally and is conflicting. Please use the whereis command to find the exact location on your PC and delete it from there.

Using whereis

You can also use the console command whereis models/m_anm.mdl

This will print out the file location. It should also be the Dynamic Animation Manager addon.

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