wos_dynabase_mountorder [comma seperated list]

Comma seperated list that enforces a particular loading of animation mounts based on their registered name. Can be used to enforce reanimations, or even ACTIVITY numbering orders for addons that use it. Will load in the order they appear. Leave it blank to not enforce anything.

When used with wos_dynabase_restrict_client_content this can force only animations that are specified here to load
Clients will not be able to modify positions in their manageer for these specific animation mounts when enabled


Loads the CSGO animations, then the Two-Handed Pistol Animations, then the base animation. This makes two handed pistol animations take priority over the CSGO animations, which then overwrite the base animations, combining both re-animations.

wos_dynabase_mountorder "Two-Handed Pistol Reanimations,CS:GO Reanimations,Base Animations"
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