Using Legacy Animations


As this is a new animation base, certain addons have not yet been updated to include the code required to mount the addon or allow you to manage the animations. These are considered legacy animations.

Automatic Mounting

If you want to automatically mount the animations while support is waiting, you can download the DynaBase Legacy Mount located here:

legacy mount

As a client, you can also immediately install the user mounts using the helper function added to the respective tab. It will pre-install the mounts for the addons, even if you don't have them installed. You can then delete them if you don't need it.


Manual Mounting


If you want additional control over what is mounted, you will need to create a mount through the User Manager. Simply find the addon you want, pinpoint the model, and follow through.



Unfortunately you will need to include some code for this to work, and it will also require you to know what models a particular addon has. You can use the User Management menu to help, but you will still need to fill out the code. Really this should be on the developer, but a snippet example of code is as follows:

hook.Add( "InitLoadAnimations", "wOS.DynaBase.CustomMount", function()
        Name = "GMod 9 Reanimations",
        Male = "models/player/wiltos/m_old_player_mount.mdl",
        Female = "models/player/wiltos/f_old_player_mount.mdl",
        Zombie = "models/player/wiltos/z_old_player_mount.mdl",

    hook.Add( "PreLoadAnimations", "wOS.DynaBase.MountGM9", function( gender )
        if gender == WOS_DYNABASE.SHARED then return end

        if gender == WOS_DYNABASE.FEMALE then
            IncludeModel( "models/player/wiltos/f_old_player_mount.mdl" )
        elseif gender == WOS_DYNABASE.MALE then
            IncludeModel( "models/player/wiltos/m_old_player_mount.mdl" )   
        elseif gender == WOS_DYNABASE.ZOMBIE then
            IncludeModel( "models/player/wiltos/z_old_player_mount.mdl" )
    end )
end )
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