Navigating the Server Manager

The server manager allows you to see what animations the server currently has installed, and depending on configuration options, allows you to customize it for that server only



1) Management Tabs

These tabs allow you to switch between diferent management modes and helper functions an addon may install.

2) Animation Panel

The information and controls for a specific animation mount. It includes workshop name and link that you are subscribed to if it is workshop related, or local file and no link if it isn't/fails to find the file.

**3+4) Sorting Grip

The clickable grip used to change the load order of the animations by clicking and dragging. Sorting is important because different orders will change how an animation interacts with the player. For example, loading re-animations AFTER the Base Animations will not allow them to take effect and will instead extend the animations.

If an animation panel has no dots on it's grip, it means the server is enforcing the order and it is unchangable. You can still resort everything below that point

5) Animation Mount / Unmount Button

Used to enable/disable the animation mount. This will prevent it from being added to the player.

If this button is missing, it is because the server has disabled the option to change it for this particular animation mount type

6) Information Bar

The bar that includes various extra information about the animation mount, including if it is an EXTENSION or REANIMATION, and what player model types it supports. You can hover over these for more information.

7) Save Button

Used to save your animation preferences for the server. Only works on the currently displayed tab. This does not save directly onto the server but instead is used to apply them immediately to the model.

8) Cancel Button

Used to exit out without applying any changes to the preferences, on any tab.

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