Crashing Problems

Crashing is most commonly caused by mounting a player model that recursively loops through the DynaBase models, loading itself infinitely. Do not mount player models!


The DynaBase has been built to refresh your information in a stable way. The only known way you can crash is if you or an addon creator mounts something that can corrupt cache, or cause recursive loops. We have steps to fix that, but it might be other ways, so above all else, here's our slogan:

If you experience crashing, immediately report it so we can figure out why. Do not just solve the issue and never let anyone know. Be vocal!

Clearing Your DynaBase Cache

If you have accidentally mounted a player model, or have some addon that is producing recursive loops, you will need to clear your preferences and cache. You can do that by going to your garrysmod/data/wos/dynabase folder and deleting the contents.

Checking For Other Addon Issues

If it still crashes after doing that, you should also disable your most recently subscribed addons or try running without anything but the DynaBase enabled and slowly work through the addons to see if it resolves. You will have to delete the dynabase cache again, as it is the only way to cause it to reload from the main menu.

Still Crashing?

At this point, the only known reason left is because of the live loading system. You can try disabling the live loading by using the console command wos_dynabse_live_reload 1 but be aware that you will have to rejoin the server to have your settings applied after hitting save.

All Else Fails

Visit our discord and let us know. Feel free to ping a dev and we'll look into it. We may ask you for specific information.

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