This page belongs to the AnimData structure used when populating specialized animations such as stances or other attack sequences.


Sequence [string]

The animation that will play when you are standing still.

Time [float]

The length of time the animation will remain on the player

If not defined, will automatically calculate time to animation completin based on Rate parameter
If this is set to a time longer than the animation's length * rate, it will hold at the last frame of the animation

Rate [float]

The speed at which the animation will play, with 1 being 100%

If not defined, will automatically be set to 1 (regular speed)

FlurryTime [float]

The amount of time before a player's chain attack window is activated

If not defined, will not have any chain attack window


[ "light_forward" ] = {
	Sequence = "phalanx_b_s3_t2",
	Time = 0.7,
	FlurryTime = 0.6,
	Rate = nil,
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