Changing What usergroups can use Forms

How to configure what forms certain usergroups may use

Method 1

Allow certain user groups to use all forms regardless of what is defined in the form's file itself

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/general/sh_swlwos.lua

Find the "wOS.ALCS.Config.AllAccessForms" value

You can add and remove whatever usergroups you wish (Make sure to put quotations around the rank's name, and add a comma after every entry


Allows only "owner", "developer", and "superadmin" ranks to use ALL forms

wOS.ALCS.Config.AllAccessForms = { "owner", "developer", "superadmin" }

Method 2

Restricting certain forms to specific user groups

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/forms and choose whatever form you want to edit permissions for

Find the "FORM.UserGroups" value

This is a table of what usergroups can use what stances of the form


This allows the "vip" rank to use stances 1, and 2 of this form, and "vip+" ranks to use all 3 stances of this form

FORM.UserGroups = { 
	["vip"] = { 1, 2 }, 
	["vip+"] = { 1, 2, 3 },
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