Installing the Addon

Step 1: Preparing your server

Before you begin installing the addon you will need to prepare your server. There are some addons you won't need and some that you will. Make sure to do the following:

  • Get the Advanced Lightsaber Content Package by clicking here.
  • Get all required content included in that addon (Except for gExplo, this is a client file)

Step 2: Preparing your Clients

Your clients will just need the content package and all required items in the content package. If they are seeing T-Pose, make sure they restart their game and check for conflicting animation addons.

If your clients encounter any issues, have them navigate here to submit a support request or to read the Knowledgebase to see if it has been already answered.

Step 3: Installing the Addon and Configuring the Essentials

There are a couple of configuration options you need to configure before usage, otherwise the experience may not be optimal for your server. Although the addon will work right out of the box, it may not work the best or to your liking without configuring. Do the following in this exact order:

  1. Download the DLL off of the package's page
  2. Drag and drop the DLL according to your server's OS into your server's root directory lua/bin folder
  3. Download your package and extract it
  4. Drop the folder you get from the ZIP into your addons folder.
  5. Go to the lua/wos/advswl/config folder in the addon.
  6. Configure all files in the character, crafting, general, lightsaber, and skills directories

Forms are in the: lua/wos/advswl/forms files.

Step 4: Whats Next

Now that you've installed the addon and have set up the basics you are ready to start customizing your addon!

Checkout some of our other guides to see whats possible.

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