Making Your Custom Blade

Creating Your Custom Blade type

YOU can create your own Custom Blade for ALCS with your own custom image!

Your Blade Image will need to be converted to a VTF and have a corresponding VMT, along with creating a Blade Type in DEFAULT_BLADES.lua in your WOS directory.

You will also need to create a workshop addon for your VMT and VTF to allow players to load them as well.

See below Guide on how to add your Custom Blade for ALCS to your server.

Importing Image to VTF

Creating your Image

You can use a large image for a better looking blade while following the 64 width and 512 height for a large detailed resolution.

It is best to have the image a PNG with an alpha channel before converting it to a VTF. You can use free version of Photoshop called Gimp.

You will use VTFEDIT to convert the image to VTF.

examples on how to do this are everywhere and a simple matter of "importing" your image to the vtf and saving it in the folder directory.

Importing Image to VTF

Saving your VTF

You will need to add the VTF and corresponding VMT to a workshop addon to ensure both the client and server have it loaded.

It is best to follow the current directory to be inline with Wiltos standards.

Example: materials\wos\lightsabers\blades\yourbladefolder

Creating your VMT

Here is an example of an animated VMT

VMT example

You can experiment with different settings in the VMT

VMT example

Creating your Blade Type

You will enter the location and name of the VMT in the Blade type under DEFAULT BLADES in your Wiltos files in the following directory Addons/wos-sentinel-swrp/lua/wos/advswl/lightsaber/blades.

Blade Type example

Selecting your Blade Type in your ITEM or SWEP

When entering information for your WILTOS Item, you can enter blade type.


**For your individual Item, such as a Crystal, Hilt, Proficiency Mode, you can even place the blade type along with Igniters and Idles, you will use wep.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ].

ITEM.OnEquip = function( wep )


Entering a Custom Blade in your ITEM

wep.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ] = "Mastered"

Blade Type example


**For your individual SWEP such as a Gamemaster Lightsaber or Emperor Lightsaber, you will use SWEP.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ] to have it draw your blade.


Entering a Custom Blade in your SWEP

SWEP.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ] = "Mastered"

Blade Type example

You will need to restart your server and possibly relaunch GMOD in order to see the updated blades clientside. Equip your item or SWEP Lightsaber you created with your custom Blade as the Blade Type and enjoy!

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