Configuring Crafting

How to change loot spawn percentage/frequency, and inventory/crafting data saving

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/crafting/sv_craftwos.lua

Find the following values:

  • wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.SaveFrequency
  • wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemSpawnFrequency
  • wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.LootSpawnPercent
  • wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemDespawnTime

"wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.SaveFrequency" determines how often the data of inventories, spawn positions, etc are saved in SECONDS. Default set to 360

"wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemSpawnFrequency" determines how often to try and respawn items, determined by SECONDS. Default is set to 0.1 as there is never a 100% chance of an item spawning

"wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.LootSpawnPercent" determines how many of the item spawn points you have set should be spawning items at once. Default set to 1, enabling 100% of all spawns

"wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemDespawnTime" determines how much time after an item has been spawned should it despawn. Default set to 600


Sets data saving to 180 seconds (3 minutes), attempts at trying to spawn an item to 5 seconds, enables only 80% of all spawn locations, and sets the despawn time to 300 (5 minutes)

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.SaveFrequency = 180

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemSpawnFrequency = 5

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.LootSpawnPercent = 0.8

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ItemDespawnTime = 300

How to change the Max Inventory slots

  1. Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/crafting/sh_craftwos.lua
  2. Find the "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.MaxInventorySlots" value near the end of the file
  3. Change it to any number, an even number is recommended so that the page of item slots does not get cut short


wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.MaxInventorySlots = 80

How to configure enabling/disabling extra content

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/general/sh_serverwos.lua

Find the "wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableZhromExtension", and "wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableCloneAdventures"

  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableZhromExtension" setting this value to true will enable the content pack in your toolgun, and as items in the crafting menus (This pack contains models for crystals and very unique lightsaber hilts) "wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableCloneAdventures" setting this value to true will enable the content pack in your toolgun, and as items in the crafting menus (This pack contains many CloneWars Adventure lightsaber hilts)


This will enable both content packs

wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableZhromExtension = true

wOS.ALCS.Config.EnableCloneAdventures = true

How to configure MySQL for crafting data

How to configure MySQL for crafting data

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/crafting/sv_craftwos.lua

First the value "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.ShouldCraftingUseMySQL" and set it to true

Then should see the following:

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase = wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase or {}

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Host = "localhost"

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Port = 3306

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Username = "root"

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Password = ""

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Database = "wos-crafting"

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Socket = ""

  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Host" determines the domain (IP address, or web address of the website)
  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Port" determines the port of the host (Leave it as 3306, which is the default for most web hosts)
  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Username" determines the username of the database your trying to access it through
  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Password" determines the password of the user you are using
  • "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.CraftingDatabase.Database" determines the database attempting to be used
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