Configuring The Skill system

How to configure XP gain from player/NPC kills

Navigate to lua/advswl/config/crafting/sv_craftwos.lua

Look near the bottom of the file, you should see something like this:

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.SaberExperienceTable[ "superadmin" ] = {
	PlayerKill = 60,
	NPCKill = 15,

Copy and paste this at the bottom of the file

These lines determine the experience gain from killing npcs, and players per usergroup

Change the usergroup you are targeting by changing the "superadmin" text to what rank you wish to target

"PlayerKill" changes the amount of XP gained when this rank kills another player

"NPCKill" changes the amount of XP gained when this rank kills an NPC

Configure Max Level

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/skills/sh_skillwos.lua

Find the value "wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.SkillMaxLevel"

wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.SkillMaxLevel = false -- determines the max level a player can reach (Can be set to false to make the limit infinite)

Configure Proficiency Leveling

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/crafting/sh_craftwos.lua

Find the values "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.SaberMaxLevel", and "wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.LevelPerSlot"

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.SaberMaxLevel = 25 -- determines the max proficiency level anyone could ever reach (Default set to infinite, aka false)

wOS.ALCS.Config.Crafting.LevelPerSlot = 5 -- determines how many proficiency levels the player must get before getting a slot for misc items on their lightsaber (Default set to 1)

Disabling Level Hud

How to disable the XP/Level bar, and player "Combat Level" indicator above the head

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/skills

Open the sh_skillwos.lua file

Change the wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.MountLevelToHUD value to false to disable the local XP/Level bar display on your screen

wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.MountLevelToHUD = false

Configure XP gain

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/skills/sv_skillwos.lua

Scroll to the bottom of the file, copy and paste the following:

wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.ExperienceTable[ "RankHere" ] = {
	Meditation = 0,
	PlayerKill = 0,
	NPCKill = 0,
	XPPerInt = 0,
	XPPerHeal = 0,
  • The place where you see "RankHere" you will replace with the name of the usergroup you are trying to target (Allowing you to give more XP to VIP, Staff, and other ranks)
  • "Meditation" determines how much XP is given everytime a player meditates
  • "PlayerKill" determines how much XP is given everytime a player kills another player
  • "NPCKill" determines how much XP is given everytime a player kills an NPC
  • "XPPerInt" default determines how much XP is given for just playing the server (See the value "wOS.ALCS.Config.Skills.TimeBetweenXP" to set how often this should occur in seconds)
  • "XPPerHeal" determines how much XP someone gains for healing someone
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