Lightsaber Hit Tracing

How to configure hit tracing

Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/lightsaber/sv_config.lua

Find the "wOS.ALCS.Config.LightsaberTrace" value

You can set this equal to any of the following:

WOS_ALCS.TRACE.CLASSIC -- Classic Rubat traces. Never stops tracing
WOS_ALCS.TRACE.MINIMAL --Traces only occur when swinging/attacking, good for performance but removes burn damage and scorch
WOS_ALCS.TRACE.INTERP -- Trace travels path of lightsaber. Useful for precision but a little more intensive
WOS_ALCS.TRACE.MINIMALINTERP -- Same as INTERP, but following MINIMAL rules. Precision with a slightly reduced load


wOS.ALCS.Config.LightsaberTrace = WOS_ALCS.TRACE.CLASSIC
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