Common Problems

T-Pose when you ignore your lightsaber?

You are missing the content files, so subscribe to all of the ones listed in this article: Required Content


Your server's tickrate is below the recommended amount of 33 with saber lunging enabled, raise the server's tickrate, or see the following article to disable lunging:

T-Posing with content

You more than likely have a conflicting iAnim addon installed. The most common addon for this issue is Prone Mod. Disable all of the iAnim addon's and then reboot the server.

Incorrect Lightsaber Animations Playing?

You have other animation extensions interfering with the original anim packs, try uninstalling extra content packs

Some players have Animations, and some don't

There are two reasons this could occur.

  1. The owner did not distribute permissions to forms to players of a specific rank, please read Changing What Usergroups can use Forms
  2. If the players lacking the animations are using personal lightsabers, they have no forms and they must either be set in the personal lightsaber weapon file, or unlocked through the skill tree. See Creating a Skill Tree for creating a skill tree

Crouching when you swing your lightsaber?

This is caused by having the default RobotBoy lightsabers installed, uninstall these from your server and restart. This should fix the issue.

Character/Saber crafting station menus don't work?

This usually means your missing content, ensure the Required Content is available on both your server and client

Can't Open the force menu?

There are two reasons this usually occurs.

  1. The first is that your lightsaber does not have any force powers attached to it. You wouldn't be able to see the force meter in this case either.
  2. If that wasn't it, then it is most likely a conflicting addon that is overwriting the hook. Usually, the addon that is left installed mistakingly is our Advanced Lightsaber Attack System. Remove the addon from your server and it should work.

The link to the conflicting addon is here:

Force powers not working?

There is usually only one problem here.

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