Changing Wield and Grip Choices

Players can go into the character hub (Skill Station) and select a preference for their combat styles. This includes whether they would like to use dual wield, or if they want to reverse their lightsaber.

PREFERENCES are only selectable if the player has it available to them. Meaning if they select one and it doesn't work, they can not access it for a variety of reasons. Here are a list of methods you can use to satisfy this.

Using SWEPs

If you would like to force a grip choice on a player from the SWEP, without them being able to change it, please use the following parameter. Do note you can also use these in default crafting options or personal sabers:

SWEP.UseGrip = "GRIP NAME HERE" -- Change GRIP NAME HERE with the name of the GRIP as it appears in the preferences menu

This formatting has the bonus of being usable within skill trees OnSaberDeploy functions with SWEP changed to wep

Using Skill Trees [Warrior+]

If you would like to give a player access to a specific grip or dual wielding, you can use the following examples:

OnPlayerSpawn = function( ply )

       ply.WOS_AvailableGrips[ "GRIP NAME HERE" ] = true -- Change GRIP NAME HERE with the name of the GRIP as it appears in the preferences menu


OnPlayerSpawn = function( ply )

       ply.CanUseDuals = true -- Allows dual wielding


Using Config [Warrior+]

If you would like players to freely change between wielding types or grips without needing any pre-requisite skills, please go into the "wos/advswl/config/character/sv_config.lua" file and configure the parameter you see fit. Do note this will only effect PERSONAL LIGHTSABERS or SKILL TREE ENABLED LIGHTSABERS

wOS.ALCS.Config.Character.FreeGripChoice = true -- Allows a player to change their grips freely
wOS.ALCS.Config.Character.FreeWieldChoice = true -- Allows a player to use dual wield freely
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