Customizing lightsaber sounds

Customizing your lightsabers sounds

The following are all properties you can set on the lightsaber to change how it sounds

SWEP.UseSwingSound = "path to sound"
SWEP.UseLoopSound = "path to sound"
SWEP.UseOnSound = "path to sound"
SWEP.UseOffSound = "path to sound"
SWEP.BlasterBlockSounds = { "path to sound", "path to different sound" }
SWEP.BladeImpactSounds = { "path to sound", "path to different sound" }
SWEP.BladeBlockSounds = { "path to sound", "path to different sound" }

Lastly, there's a hook that controls how a lightsaber slice sounds

Disabling all lightsaber sounds

In case you want to disable your lightsaber sounds you can leave all of the properties as empty strings


SWEP.UseSwingSound = ""

Finally you'll want to return true from the DoSliceSound hook above like so

hook.Add("wOS.ALCS.Lightsaber.DoSliceSound", "wos.alcs.disablelightsabersounds", function(vic, inf) 
	return true
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