This page belongs to the overarching Forms structure when creating your own forms in the lua/wos/advswl/forms folder of the addon.


Name [string]

The name of the form. Try not to use special characters so often.

Type [enum]

The type of form using the Form Enumerations: FORM_SINGLE, FORM_DUAL, FORM_BOTH

UserGroups [table]

A user-group keyed table that allows the forms to be usable on lighsabers. Value is table of stances

FORM.UserGroups = { 
	["USERGROUP1"] = { 1 }, 
	["USERGROUP2"] = { 1, 2, 3 },

This does nothing for Personal Lightsabers as this is bypassed by skills

Stances [table]

An integer keyed table with stance animation data as it's value. The key is used as the stance number when selecting stances.

The keys must be sequential starting from 1 or your form will not load

Stance Data

If you are looking for the parameters used in a stance table, please visit the Stance Structure Page

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