Default Force powers

Defaults Force Powers of ALCS

Force LeapJump longer and higher. Aim higher to jump higher/further.
ChargeLunge at your enemy
Force AbsorbHold Mouse 2 to protect yourself from harm
Saber ThrowThrows your lightsaber. It will return to you.
Force HealHeals your target.
Group HealHeals all around you.
Cloak Shrowdyourself with the force for 10 seconds
Force ReflectAn eye for an eye
RageUnleash your anger
Shadow StrikeFrom the darkness it preys
Force PullGet over here!
Force PushThey are no harm at a distance
Lightning StrikeA focused charge of lightning
Advanced CloakShrowd yourself with the force for 25 seconds
Force LightningTorture people ( and monsters ) at will.
Force CombustIgnite stuff infront of you.
Force RepulseHold to charge for greater distance/damage. Push back everything near you.
StormCharge for 2 seconds, unleash a storm on your enemies
MeditateRelax yourself and channel your energy
ChannelHatred I can feel your anger

Dark Ascension Pack Force Powers 

Overdrive BeamRelease your focused energy
Lightning StreamAn endless stream of lightning
Burn OutFire and flames engulf your victim
Vitriolic DischargeRelease their inner poisons onto them
Crippling SlamEarth shattering slams immobilize those in your path
Blood SacrificeFocus your inner energy through blood
Energetic ShellConvert their negativity into your power
Diamond StormTurn the air around you into shards of destruction
AttractLet the world attack your enemy

Icefuse Pack Force Powers 

Force BlindMake your escape or final blow.
AdrenalineBe quick to the draw
Force SlowCloud your victim's mind
Force StasisLet their fear stop them
Group PullGet over here!
Group PushThey are no harm at a distance
Group LightningSend a jolt to wake up groups of victims.
Electric JudgementThe truth can blind us all.
Force WhirlwindThat which you harness is all around you
Force BreachMake a path
TeleportPhase through to a new location.
DestructionHold to unleash true power on your enemies
Force ChokeI find your lack of faith disturbing
Group ChokeChoke them all
Saber BarrierThe ultimate defense.
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