Blade Types

Blade Types

Blade types allow you to change how your lightsaber looks in the world

Blade Type List

  • Standard
  • Unstable
  • Corrupted
  • Pulsed
  • Pervasive
  • Saw Tooth
  • Mastered
  • Smithed
  • Dark Saber
  • Cyclic Invert
  • Swirl

Setting blade type of a weapon/item

Method 1

This method concerns setting the blade type of a specific weapon (meaning lightsaber weapons which are located in lua/weapons/)

First you must find something that looks similar to this:

SWEP.CustomSettings = {
	Blade = "Corrupted",

If there seems to be nothing like this in the weapon's file, then go ahead and add it. Depending on the blade you prefer you must replace the "Corrupted" (Or whatever other value that's there) text (See list of blade ids at the end of the article)

Method 2

This method concerns setting the blade type of a certain crystal, or any other item

First select the item you wish to edit in the directory lua/wos/advswl/crafting/items (If you want to create your own item for this please refer to our guide on creating items

You will see something similar to this:

ITEM.OnEquip = function( wep )
	wep.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ] = "Corrupted"
	wep.UseColor = Color( 0, 0, 255 )

What we specifically need out of this is the wep.CustomSettings[ "Blade" ] = "Corrupted", so if you don't see it go ahead and add it in

Your next step will just be to replace the Corrupted (Or whatever other value that's there) to your preferred blade (See list of blade ids at the start of the article)

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