Console Commands

Admin Console Commands

  • wos_openadminmenu - Opens a menu that allows you to set peoples level, set xp, add levels, and add xp, modify inventores, etc. It is your mega admin menu. Configure it in the config/admin folder.
  • wos_lootspawn_start - Gives you an item spawn tool to setup item spawns on your map
  • wos_lootspawn_end - Saves all the spawns you have placed
  • wos_openinventory - Opens inventory
  • wos_duelplacer_start - Start creating a dueling arena 
  • wos_duelplacer_end - Finish creating a dueling arena 
  • wos_itemgive <steamid64> <item name> - Add an item to the players inventory (WARNING! Admin must be a super admin to use this command)
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